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* Do you know what the SOA record is in DNS?

Suggested article from our blog: What is SOA (Start of Authority) record?

Start of Authority - SOA. It shows where the best source of information for the DNS zone is located. Shows who is the authoritative server. You can’t have more than 1 SOA Record for a zone.

Typically, a SOA Record will contain the following data:

  • Authoritative nameserver – the start of the authority
  • Serial number – showing the current version of the zone file
  • Admin contact – for contacting the DNS admin
  • Refresh rate – Time in seconds after which the secondary DNS servers need to check for changes.
  • Expiry time – The time that Secondary DNS servers can have to perform a zone transfer.
  • Default TTL – This sets the limit, in seconds, for how long should a Secondary DNS server keep the information in their cache memory.

The full list you can find in this article!

Administrating your SOA records is simple with ClouDNS. Check this link:

How to start managing SOA records with ClouDNS?